"Life is about adventures. Forget the answers, enjoy the questions."

�  ~ Paulo Coelho

Crim Festival of Races 10 mile race - mini review

Finished in 1:53:35 (official time); 11:21 per mile pace

Overall place: 4555 out of 6960

Overall men’s place: 2679 out of 3405

Men(45-49): 312 out of 386

10 Mile #2

Race #35


I loved this race!  The crowd support was outstanding!  The course and distance, while challenging, are not daunting.  It felt like a 10 mile party.  I relaxed and ran a comfortable pace.

Running Between the Vines Half Marathon - mini review

Finished in 2:29:17 (official time); 11:23 per mile pace
Overall place: 403 / 598
Overall men’s place: 130/168
Men(45-49): 18/21
Half #4
Race #34

The half was tough and fun!  I would definitely run this event next
year!  Beautiful , hilly, shaded course followed by a
wine tasting!  This course prompts me to add more hill work to my
running routines.


lake montibello houses - baltimore, md