Firecracker 5K Review

Short Version:
Finished in 29:21.3 (official time); 9:28 per mile pace
Overall place: 426/844
Age Group(M45-49) 36/49
5K #17
Race #32
Love the consistancy!
Heart rate monitor shows an average HR 88% of max.
This was my third yeard running this race and it is one of my favorites!  A nice little run around Ann Arbor.  Perfect weather.  Plenty of people at the finish guiding the runners to water and snacks.  

Fitbit Goals & Results for June

Primary June Goal: 390,000 steps (an average of 13,000 a day)
I was 104.87% of my monthly target or 19,001 steps over
Steps Yesterday - 9,094
MTD Total - 409,001 (MTD Average 13,633.37)
YTD Total - 2,315,074 (YTD Average 12,790.46)
Lifetime Total - 15,416,762 (Lifetime Average 12,294.07)

Days over step goal in June: 11 or 36.67%

Secondary Goal: 1,800 Very Active Minutes - VAM (60 a day)
I was 101.61% of my monthly target or 29 minutes over
Very Active Minutes Yesterday - 36
MTD Total - 1,829 (MTD Average 60.97)
YTD Total - 10,056 (YTD Average 55.56)
Lifetime Total - 74,436 (Lifetime Average 59.36)

Days over Very Active Minutes goal in June: 10 or 33.33%

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